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S.A.V.E the D.A.T.E.


Ready?! Grab your calendar, circle Friday, June 14th and write

“6pm – Smith Family Movie Night!”

you're invited movie night

More details to come, but for now please save the date!

We’d be honored if you joined us in our effort to bring our child(ren) home.

We are excited to get the Grant Room, upstairs at Broadway Coffee House.  It’s going to be fun!


Flower Pot Craft Palooza

Fun girls night! 
Tuesday, May 7th
Open House 5:30-10pm*
blue pots
We’ll be making flower pots that are super easy AND gorgeous!
The stained glass is so pretty that each mosaic pot turns out a masterpiece.
For the creative ones out there, you will LOVE looking through the glass pieces and designing images on your pot.
Mosiac Media
Perfect Mother’s Day gifts (for you to give or get!)

I will teach people who would like help and will have ALL of the supplies needed.
*Either come early and really get into an intricate design to make a night of it
-OR- you can come later and do a smaller or simpler project.

How long will it take you?

The largest pot, with an intricate design and less space between pieces took three hours to mosaic.  A smaller pot or simpler design could be done in one to two hours.

I bought a BUNCH of pots: large, medium, small, tall or wide and squatty.  The amount of time depends on your size of pot, degree of intricacy and space between pieces of glass.

citrus pot purple pot

Feel free to bring fun elements to add to your piece

(a favorite dish, gems, letter beads, your child’s marble collection, sometimes the wackiest items add the perfect funky touch)!
eye spy pot

After our craft night, you will need to let your pot cure for 24 hours and then apply the grout.  I am going to demonstrate grouting, send written instructions and a premeasured bag of grout home with each pot.

It is like frosting a cake and voila! it’s a gorgeous master piece!
orchid potsbox pot

Grab a friend and come enjoy supporting orphans.  All proceeds will go directly to our adoption fund.


Please let me know if you want to come and I will set up a station for you.  Hope to see you there!


Suggested donation is $30-40



Christmas Tree Fundraiser – THIS WEEKEND!


Light Your Christmas Tree for Orphans!

Saturday, December 15th – 10am-1pm

Sunday, December 16th – 12-3pm

$20 (ANY size or variety!)

Thousands of beautiful Nobles and Grands to choose from on a private lot.

Find your beautiful tree and we will saw it down and help you load it!

Long Family Christmas Tree Farm

4325 Orchard Heights NW, Salem

(Off Orchard Heights Rd out past West Salem High School, follow neon green signs and look for the balloons)

THANK YOU for coming out and supporting our adoption!

Oh, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Brooke Halgren and Carol Adams have concocted a fun girls night!  Brooke is opening her home (2390 Gibsonwoods Ct. NW, SALEM, OR 97304) on Tuesday, October 9th at 6:30 pm.  We will get to hang out, I can answer any adoption questions and Carol will be our DeMarle connection.  Carol is eager to help support our adoption, so 20% of the proceeds will go toward our adoption costs.  If you were hoping to give DeMarle as Christmas presents or would like to add to your own kitchen collection, now is your chance!  This is Brooke and Carol’s way to bless our family, so please feel free to RSVP, shop online, or ask them questions.  Thanks girls for dreaming up this fun night!

Drum roll please… (garage sale results are in!)


Matt and I want to send a HUGE shout out to all of the people who helped make the garage sale a success!  THANK YOU!  We are reminded over and over again that this journey is so not about us.  The Lord brought generous people to give, the Lord brought generous people to come buy and the Lord is graciously moving us along toward our child(ren)!  I lost track when we hit 30… but let’s just say there were MANY families who openhandedly and whole heartedly gave.  With each phone call, text or email telling us someone wanted to give or come help, I felt like it was a little love note from above saying “I am with you.”  I know they won’t want their names mentioned, but I just have to say thank you to the entire Edelblute family who opened their home to us as the gsale location and worked tirelessly all week.  The kids woke up this morning and danced around the kitchen singing “Tim & Leslie’s” because they heard each morning last week that we were going to their house!  Also, a huge thank you to my parents, the Cheney’s, Evelyn, Jayne, and the Stutzman’s for your hours and hours of help!  I could keep going on and on with my heartfelt thank you to so many people.  May the Lord bless you all!

Drum roll please… the gsale total: $2,500!  Wowzers!  It is exciting to have a chunk toward our next big payment.  When you look at our adoption notebook and see all of the paperwork and hear that we have to pay $8,500 in four to six months before our dossier can be sent… it feels overwhelming.  And then we are reminded that we serve a BIG God, good thing, huh!  Thank you Father!

Now, I am off to do the chores that got put off last week (laundry is really overrated, until that is, you need a clean pair of socks… and what is that smell in the kitchen?  oh, the pile o’ dishes that signify that the suds fairy didn’t come last week!), work on adoption paperwork, post Craigslist items, practice Awana verses, kiss boo-boos, change diapers and snuggle all my little ones… can you guess which ones I will savor?

Over 30 families have contributed….GARAGE SALE!


Yep!  It just keeps coming and coming and coming… we prayed God would bring stuff for us to sell… and the phone has been off the hook this week.  We have a lot of really generous friends with a lot of really nice stuff, and the Lord must really love our child(ren) and want to get them home!

Prayer for tonight… God would bring the people to come buy all of the stuff!   Please pray and please come!

Here is the ad a sweet friend wrote for us:

“Come support the Smith Family in their adoption endeavor and see just how big one garage sale can be! Hint: It’s more than one garage. Whatever you could possibly want/need or not realize that you want/need will be at 2361 Teal Dr. SE on both Friday AND Saturday from 8-3!

Home Décor, camping equipment, tools, furniture, electronics, a sewing table, a sewing cabinet, fabric, art supplies, clothes for ALL types, CD’s, a hammock, appliances, baby furniture/clothes, bikes for kids and adults, gardening equipment, a futon, coffee tables, kitchen table, chairs, movies, books, books and some more books, etc….

So come on people. Come Christmas shop. Come redecorate your home. Come support a family who are adopting precious kiddo(s) from Ethiopia. You are sure to bless and be blessed!”

Baby Bottle Coin Drive


Spare change can make a change!  Please let us know if you would like a baby bottle to collect your spare change.  Place it on your work desk, kitchen counter, or night stand as a reminder to pray for us and dump your coins. A bunch of people’s little… adds up to a lot (My math teacher husband would be so proud of that statement! Sorry honey!)  We are hoping to take the bottles with us to the orphanage – so they serve a great dual purpose.  Also, cool note, they were donated by a new friend of ours at the Union Gospel Mission and from a complete stranger who answered my craigslist plea!  I continue to be amazed at how the Lord is weaving this journey all together.