Monthly Archives: May 2014

Smith Family Update


Over the last couple weeks our family was given an overabundance of good news. Some came with tears and confusion and some came with joy filled anticipation.

On a Wednesday we received a phone call from our adoption agency that they had a referral for us of two precious little girls.  We feel in love with them immediately and in our hearts we were ready to jump on the plane to go get them!  Their sweet faces beam with personality and there is a special twinkle in their eyes.

However, the Lord is sovereign and had already given us an amazing gift that we were unaware of yet, until two days later.  The Lord has blessed us with a baby due in December!

Our hearts grieved and were sad to let go of the girls (our agency does not allow you to adopt when you are pregnant), yet we trust that the Lord placing them in our lives is a good thing. We are able to pray for them and rejoice with the family He has planned to give them.

God is so good to us.  We can see so clearly that He is the giver of good gifts and that His hand is directly involved and orchestrating the events in our lives.

We are filled with joy at the thought of holding our precious baby and can’t wait to watch its personality blossom!  Please be in prayer for a healthy pregnancy and join us in praising the Lord for this sweet little one.

Please continue to pray for our adoption also.  Our agency will put us “on hold” until our baby is six months old.  Will we change the age of our child request? We do not know. How long will it be until we are offered another referral? We do not know.  We are taking life one day at a time and trusting that the Lord will guide us toward whom He has for our family at that time.

We do know that He has once again confirmed in our hearts that He is calling us to adopt and that we can trust his sovereign and good plan for us and for the children waiting for families.

Thank you for your loving support as we continue to walk this journey!