What a day!  63 people joined us in working around Ms. Barbara June’s house to raise funds for our adoption.  Life changing, memorable, bursting with love…

Both Hands Team

Click on the YouTube icon to view our Both Hands video and see the amazing transformation!

Both Hands You Tube video

We would be honored if you would share the video and help us spread the word!  $7,914 has come in so far! Which means that we are only about $5,000 from our adoption being FULLY FUNDED!!!!


It is not too late to give!  Lifesong for Orphans will collect funds on our behalf and pay them straight to our adoption agency right up until our child(ren) come home.  Any money that is collected above our needs will be given in grant money to other adopting families – so no matter what, the funds will go to help bring orphans to their forever families!

During the weeks leading up to the project there were several times when we realized that the Lord had gone before us and orchestrated provisions in a way that could only have come from Him.

For instance, at one point we were at Barbara’s house scraping, sanding and getting it ready to be painted… however all of our leads for paint donations had fallen threw that morning.  So, as we were prepping the house I was praying “Lord, please, we need paint, please bring supplies!”  A couple hours later as we were finishing prepping the house, someone lovingly showed up and started unloading their van with 23 gallons of paint.  Praise the Lord!  Not only that, but later we were contacted by friends who wanted to donate paint, so the Lord also supplied paint for Barbara’s office inside her home!

House before after

Another gift was the RORS lumberjacks coming and falling two tall trees and trimming huge oak trees on Barbara’s property.  It would have been a very difficult job, but the Lord provided a lift (thank you Jeff for all of your hard work!)  Not only did the dead trees, limbs and hazardous areas get removed, but five families now have firewood to keep warm this winter!

Trees before after

The night before the project, I noticed in the rafters of the shed, rolls of insulation.  Jack (Barbara’s husband) had started a project, but wasn’t able to finish it before he passed away.  When we began our workday, we found that there were men with tools and handyman skills!  The team was able to clean, organize, install glass windows, prep and paint and also finish the walls of the shed.  Now Barbara can enjoy her shed!

Shed before after

Inside Shed before after

Before the project, as we walked the grounds with Barbara and created her “wish list” there were a couple items that I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be awesome if we could…” Honestly though, I wasn’t sure if I was asking too much.  I felt comfortable praying for paint for a house that obviously needed to be painted, windows for a shed that sorely needed them, trees to be cut that could fall and damage her property… but there were a few items that I added to the list and prayed for but wasn’t sure if the Lord was going to help us get those donations or not.  What I found out was that the Lord gives generously and lavishes love on us with such an amazing abundance!  I had hoped for roses to plant in her rose garden where there were spots where roses had obviously once bloomed… then someone knocked on my front door and I found these sitting there (thank you Stutzman Family for dinging our doorbell and dashing to leave such a sweet gift!):

Roses.let your light shine

We still had one garden bed that was completely empty.  While on the phone with Ruth Cheney I told her that Barbara had mentioned that one day she would love to have an herb garden.  Ruth was sitting in her dentist’s parking lot and saw a garden center across the street and decided to see if they would be willing to donate.  The owner had adopted her daughter from Cambodia and was thrilled to donate all of the herbs we needed!!!  Seriously, only the Lord could orchestrate a dentist, a daughter from Cambodia and a dream of an herb garden!  On the workday while cleaning out the shed, we found the originals plant markers, so we were able to restore her garden to how it was when she and Jack originally moved to Oregon from California!

Garden before after

I am learning that it is okay and good to pray for the “icing on the cake”… may I desire for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, trust in His good and perfect plan, and marvel at His generosity, goodness, unending love and redeeming work!

thank you cards

Looking back over the past year, He has invited others to give toward our adoption and SO MANY PEOPLE have generously given.  Our hearts are so full of gratitude, thankfulness and songs of praise.  It makes us excited to see how He will finish the good work that He has begun… oh the sweet day when we will meet our child(ren) and hold them in our arms!

Thank you Lord for this good and hard journey.  Please don’t forget to share our video and continue to pray for us!


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