Flower Pot Craft Palooza

Fun girls night! 
Tuesday, May 7th
Open House 5:30-10pm*
blue pots
We’ll be making flower pots that are super easy AND gorgeous!
The stained glass is so pretty that each mosaic pot turns out a masterpiece.
For the creative ones out there, you will LOVE looking through the glass pieces and designing images on your pot.
Mosiac Media
Perfect Mother’s Day gifts (for you to give or get!)

I will teach people who would like help and will have ALL of the supplies needed.
*Either come early and really get into an intricate design to make a night of it
-OR- you can come later and do a smaller or simpler project.

How long will it take you?

The largest pot, with an intricate design and less space between pieces took three hours to mosaic.  A smaller pot or simpler design could be done in one to two hours.

I bought a BUNCH of pots: large, medium, small, tall or wide and squatty.  The amount of time depends on your size of pot, degree of intricacy and space between pieces of glass.

citrus pot purple pot

Feel free to bring fun elements to add to your piece

(a favorite dish, gems, letter beads, your child’s marble collection, sometimes the wackiest items add the perfect funky touch)!
eye spy pot

After our craft night, you will need to let your pot cure for 24 hours and then apply the grout.  I am going to demonstrate grouting, send written instructions and a premeasured bag of grout home with each pot.

It is like frosting a cake and voila! it’s a gorgeous master piece!
orchid potsbox pot

Grab a friend and come enjoy supporting orphans.  All proceeds will go directly to our adoption fund.


Please let me know if you want to come and I will set up a station for you.  Hope to see you there!


Suggested donation is $30-40




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