14 days of Love


imageI am super excited for the kids to wake up and find my little “love letter nest” I built for them tonight after they went to bed!  Each child has their own mailbox to run and open up each morning leading up to Valentine’s Day.  There will be new surprises for them to discover each day; little slips of paper with expressions of love from Momma, Daddy, their Heavenly Father, (Papa, Nana, Grandpa, Grammie, Aunties, Uncles – I’ll be collecting messages from anyone who wants me to slip a note in for them! I may have to slip a note in from our puppy Beni too :)), and something little each day (a sticker, gum, eraser, bookmark, a fun little what-not that they will think is so special simply because it came in their mailbox)!

I am certain one of Josiah’s love languages is words of affirmation and Olivia’s is gifts, so hopefully a combination of the two will fill their love tanks to the brim.

Last year the kids really got into the fun of reading the notes and wrote a few themselves. Typically, I prefer to purge papers and try not to save most things… I won’t be making that mistake again this year… Any little notes written from little hands with big hearts will be dated and saved for future treasuring.

I am still brainstorming what our actual Valentine’s Day will look like for the kiddos… Definitely starting with waffles, whip cream and red sprinkles on top… oh, how sweet it is to snuggle, tickle and love on the little ones!

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day, from our family to yours.


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