Igniting Children’s Passion for Adoption

Igniting Children’s Passion for Adoption

Our kids are getting it!  Questions are being asked (hard questions. questions that make us wrestle and search for deeper answers… aren’t kids great at asking those mind-boggling, soul-searching questions!).  This is exciting news, because we deeply want our kids to “get it”; to hear the Father’s love for the fatherless and our call as the body of Christ to be His hands and feet reaching out to those in need.

They are learning about eternal adoption (being redeemed by their heavenly Father through faith in Jesus… aka “Chosen by the Father” :)) and earthly adoption(children whom the Lord places in a new family to be loved forever).

We have been able to involve them in the journey from the beginning.  They enjoyed watching countless “Gotcha Day” YouTube videos as we were in the “praying for confirmation of the calling” stage. They quickly befriended Haile and Beti as we welcomed the Stutzman’s growing family. They rolled up their sleeves to wash cars and stirred batter to bake cookies to sell at our garage sell (they may have consumed more cookies than they sold, but they are developing servants hearts and we love it!)  And every time they find a coin they shout, “we can use it for the adoption!”

I realize that there are many parents that are not currently going through the adoption process who desire to ignite their own children’s heart for adoption.  Here are a few of my thoughts and suggestions:

Share with your children scripture on adoption. For us, this has led to many deep questions.  Adoption is a hard concept for kids (and adults!).  It takes time for them to understand, so it has been a process of unfolding and answering questions – each time going a bit deeper.  (It takes a lot of brain power to translate some of the scriptures into kid friendly definitions, so you may want to meditate on the verses yourself a bit before introducing them at the breakfast table… or, pray, jump in and circle back around often)

Show them “Gotcha Day” videos.  There are some great videos that helped us explain to our kids that not all children have parents and not all children have the surplus of food and warm clothes like we do.  It has helped cultivate an attitude of gratitude and generosity in our house too.

Grab Operation World’s “The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation” and let them find a people group to investigate.  Our kids love taking turns to open up the book and then we jump online to see images of what the different people look like, hear their language and find out roughly how many orphans there in the nation that they selected to study.

Ask them to join you in praying for children who are currently waiting for families.  You can contact adoption agencies and ask to see their list of waiting children.

One of the best ways I would suggest for igniting your children’s passion for adoption (other than to adopt yourself!) is to walk the journey with a family who is currently in the process.  Our family would love to have you join us in our journey!

One of the families we are currently walking alongside is the Lovely family.  They are in the process of adopting child(ren) from Costa Rica.  I love how they are also involving their children in their journey and encouraging other children too!  They are having a silent auction tomorrow night, and if you are near the Salem area we would love to see you there!  They are involving the kids in a special way.  Each child that brings in change will get to be entered into a raffle and a toy will be given away every 10 minutes!  They will also be having photo booths with super hero and cowboy props – super fun!  I took our kids to the recycle center and they worked hard cashing in our cans to fill their change jars to take to the auction.  I have also been passing out coins to the kids each time they have said or done something kind, giving or helpful… it’s been a great week around here and they have collected a lot of coins 🙂

Watching our kids grow in their understanding of adoption continues to be one of our richest joys. We pray it may be for you too!  We would love to hear ideas of what you do as a family too, so please share!


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