Piles of Paperwork


Right now, I am feeling the need for a prayer team.  I spent the day wading through piles of paperwork, underlining important requirements, putting question marks next to the parts I need clarification on… trying to match up home study documents and dossier documents… finding similarities and differences.  Trying to navigate my way through it all correctly the first time.  Praying I might understand the complex process.  Trying to map out what needs to be done in what order to most efficiently expedite the process.  Trying to make headway.  The song from Nemo keeps popping into my head “just keep swimming”… I know it is one step at a time.

We are meeting with our home study social worker on the 12th for our first visit!  I am excited to meet her, turn in the paperwork we have completed and to hopefully build rapport with her and receive clarification on some issues.  Please pray for our meeting with her.  Please pray for wisdom in completing the paperwork.  Please pray that the Lord would guide us and open doors so that it will go smoothly.  Also, please pray for the fundraisers that are in the works… that the Lord would supply the money we need by the time our dossier is ready to be sent.  Praising the Author of life and trusting Him to walk with us in this journey.  He is good and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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