Over 30 families have contributed….GARAGE SALE!


Yep!  It just keeps coming and coming and coming… we prayed God would bring stuff for us to sell… and the phone has been off the hook this week.  We have a lot of really generous friends with a lot of really nice stuff, and the Lord must really love our child(ren) and want to get them home!

Prayer for tonight… God would bring the people to come buy all of the stuff!   Please pray and please come!

Here is the ad a sweet friend wrote for us:

“Come support the Smith Family in their adoption endeavor and see just how big one garage sale can be! Hint: It’s more than one garage. Whatever you could possibly want/need or not realize that you want/need will be at 2361 Teal Dr. SE on both Friday AND Saturday from 8-3!

Home Décor, camping equipment, tools, furniture, electronics, a sewing table, a sewing cabinet, fabric, art supplies, clothes for ALL types, CD’s, a hammock, appliances, baby furniture/clothes, bikes for kids and adults, gardening equipment, a futon, coffee tables, kitchen table, chairs, movies, books, books and some more books, etc….

So come on people. Come Christmas shop. Come redecorate your home. Come support a family who are adopting precious kiddo(s) from Ethiopia. You are sure to bless and be blessed!”


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