Yippeeeeee! Homestudy here we come!


First of all, THANK YOU to each and every person who helped wash cars or got their car washed!  I was really hoping we would raise around $300… we were blessed with $622!!!  A couple of the car wash highlights: a woman who was waiting while we washed her car told us she herself was adopted and then when we were slammed with a bunch of cars we found her on the side of the road waving our sign and yelling for cars to come in!  We had several people come and tell us they too are considering adopting – what a blessing to get to encourage them in their journey!  The car wash was hard work, but a lot of fun doing it with such a great group of people.  Thank you so much!!!

Another wild and crazy tidbit… We sold several of our Craigslist items over the weekend (praise God!) and had a couple of people support us financially (praise God, again!).  Matt collected our car wash proceeds, Craigslist income and donations to fill out a deposit slip for me to drop off at the bank on Monday.  Over the weekend, we also sat down and read the adoption contracts (gulp!) and signed all of our packet paperwork.  So, on Monday I went by the bank, post office and in-laws to figure out how much I needed to write our large check for… when my father-in-law showed me the calculator my response was “NO!”… it was the EXACT amount Matt had me deposit into the bank.  My prayer request at the beginning of this journey was that God would provide what we need, when we need it.  I am grateful that He reminds me that I can trust His sovereign plan and perfect timing. (I needed this reminder when it took me two hours to find the check book and over an hour at the post office to mail the packet!  Seemed near impossible to get the packet in the mail, but it is sent.  Please pray it arrives in Virginia before our social worker leaves for a week-long training.)

We are ecstatic to begin our home study!  The head quarters office should contact us within the week and we can begin the “paper chase” and schedule our first home visit.  I love that we are making progress 🙂

Thank you for praying with us during this journey… we appreciate your support!


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