First Day of School


Matching shoes… the kids were determined to wear matching shoes today. When Olivia and Josiah click, they are just the best of buds. They started with matching flip-flops, but when I gave Olivia her new school shoes they had to go in search for Josiah’s matching Converse. (notice the soccer socks… used for skidding across our hardwood floor and for going to Daddy’s soccer games).

Preschool! It is hard for me to remember that Josiah is only four and a half years old. He wants to do everything his big sister does and for the most part succeeds to some degree. Math is definitely his strongest subject so far; he is constantly shocking us by figuring out story problems in his head. He has been begging to learn how to write. I love that he is excited to start school. I am going to work hard at adding in some form of daily physical activity this year. Josiah is constantly in motion – usually with a soccer ball, basketball, football, or baseball… or any type of ball! Or with no ball… tumbling, rolling, bouncing, kicking, cartwheels, somersaults, hitting, jumping… he is very strong and very coordinated. Josiah is also a very helpful little boy. Each morning he gets dressed, makes his bed and empties the dishwasher. He is a great help and I appreciate his willing heart.

1st Grade. Oh me, oh my! We have a first grader! Olivia is learning to spell, read and write… a bit too well, Matt and I can’t spell secret messages to each other anymore!

Our curriculum this year: Desiring God (for Bible), All About Spelling, Explode the Code online, A beka Readers, Hooked on Phonics, Math U See and Handwriting without Tears.

Olivia is a little sponge. She loves to learn and listens intently. Lately I have found her reading to Elijah.  I find myself just watching her and wanting to capture these sweet moments in time.  She loves to mother her brothers (the youngest loves it, the other, not so much).

She is a perfectionist, so handwriting is a painful subject for her… we are going to loosen it up a bit and infuse some fun by using sidewalk chalk today!

To make the first day extra fun, we made pudding and Oreo dirt with gummy worms!

The first week of school is always fun for me, because the kids are so excited, but also hard.  Matt is back at work teaching, coaching (the boys had their first soccer game tonight and won 6-2! Good job, boys!) and is also taking a full load of graduate classes this year.  I do enjoy getting back into the swing of a routine.  I vow to make and stick to a meal plan this year (please, someone hold me accountable to this one) and am trying to do laundry each day instead of once a week (no guarantees on that one!).  I am very grateful for the school room Matt built me last summer… check it out, all organized, clean and ready for class.









And because he is so very cute… here is a picture of Elijah with big sis!



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