God is in the setbacks


Fundraising is overall going really well, but I have to share about a hiccup.  We were getting phone calls and emails and people were buying items off of Craigslist and eBay almost daily, we had some very generous givers, and some great fundraising events coming together.  We looked at the totals and thought we were about to turn in our first big chunk of money and begin our homestudy (I can’t tell you how bad I want to start our homestudy!), but then the tides turned.  We had several people lined up to come and buy stuff (big, expensive stuff!) and five people in a row just simply didn’t show up.  I can’t even imagine not showing up… but that’s what happened.  And then came the pipes. A family friend of ours, who is a very talented craftsman, built us a beautiful cabinet to go in the bathroom.  I am beyond excited about my cabinet – more storage!  and towels actually in the bathroom!  Music to this Momma’s ears!  The first couple of whacks at the wall, however, exposed something that wasn’t supposed to be there… PIPES!

Matt made a trip to Lowe’s and spent $40 for supplies to reroute the dreaded pipes.  I was a bit discouraged, this was not the direction we wanted to be heading… money needs to come in, not out!  Well, while Matt was at Lowe’s, a gentleman called and asked to come see the mattress set on Craigslist, which was donated to us just two days earlier.  He came to get it at the same time Matt arrived home.  The gentleman paid $40 for our mattress set.  I was deeply encouraged to know that God is in the setbacks.  What I may view as a delay or obstacle, just simply isn’t so for Him.  He is all-powerful and all-knowing, orchestrating events to provide for us even before we even know we are going to need a provision!  Please pray that more people would come and buy our stuff and that the fundraising events would come together – I know He hears and answers our prayers according to His plan and purpose!  Thank you!   (and stay tuned… more pictures to come of my bathroom… it is going to look awesome and work so well for our family!  More kids, means more towels… could I be nesting already?  Oh, we are in trouble!)


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