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Over 30 families have contributed….GARAGE SALE!


Yep!  It just keeps coming and coming and coming… we prayed God would bring stuff for us to sell… and the phone has been off the hook this week.  We have a lot of really generous friends with a lot of really nice stuff, and the Lord must really love our child(ren) and want to get them home!

Prayer for tonight… God would bring the people to come buy all of the stuff!   Please pray and please come!

Here is the ad a sweet friend wrote for us:

“Come support the Smith Family in their adoption endeavor and see just how big one garage sale can be! Hint: It’s more than one garage. Whatever you could possibly want/need or not realize that you want/need will be at 2361 Teal Dr. SE on both Friday AND Saturday from 8-3!

Home Décor, camping equipment, tools, furniture, electronics, a sewing table, a sewing cabinet, fabric, art supplies, clothes for ALL types, CD’s, a hammock, appliances, baby furniture/clothes, bikes for kids and adults, gardening equipment, a futon, coffee tables, kitchen table, chairs, movies, books, books and some more books, etc….

So come on people. Come Christmas shop. Come redecorate your home. Come support a family who are adopting precious kiddo(s) from Ethiopia. You are sure to bless and be blessed!”


Baby Bottle Coin Drive


Spare change can make a change!  Please let us know if you would like a baby bottle to collect your spare change.  Place it on your work desk, kitchen counter, or night stand as a reminder to pray for us and dump your coins. A bunch of people’s little… adds up to a lot (My math teacher husband would be so proud of that statement! Sorry honey!)  We are hoping to take the bottles with us to the orphanage – so they serve a great dual purpose.  Also, cool note, they were donated by a new friend of ours at the Union Gospel Mission and from a complete stranger who answered my craigslist plea!  I continue to be amazed at how the Lord is weaving this journey all together.

Holiday Bazaar


Calling all crafters, knitters, sewers, gluers, wood-workers, bakers, Papier-mâchérs, creative extraordinaires!

Please put your talents to great use by making items to sell at our Holiday Bazaar!

Mary Romey is coordinating a Holiday Bazaar to help raise funds for our adoption. The bazaar will be held on November 3rd.

Some ideas given so far: cards, gift tags, marshmallow shooters, purses, doll clothes, quilts, jewelry, baked goods, home decor, wall hangings. Gifts for little kids, teachers, neighbors, stocking stuffers… anything you would enjoy making and giving.  We will be collecting items now until November 2nd.  All proceeds will go toward our adoption.

Thank you for sharing your time and talent!


Garage Sale! 9/28 & 9/29


Fall cleaning? Decluttering? Drop your discards off for our GARAGE SALE! If you have anything lying around you would like to donate please let us know.  We can coordinate pick up or drop off 🙂

The sale will be held at the Edelblute’s house: 2361 Teal Dr. SE

Friday, September 28th & Saturday, September 29th


Want to help sort and price?  The more the merrier!

Want to come find treasures?!  Please come shop and support our soon-to-be ex-orphan(s).

Pies for our Sweetie Pie


What could be better than warm delicious fruit pie right out of the oven on a crisp fall night?  We are selling frozen Willamette Valley Fruit Co. pies, cobblers and fruit bags – perfect for the holidays!  Want to serve the best Thanksgiving dessert?  Please buy a pie to help us bring our sweetie pie(s) home!

Pies: Apple, Cherry Crunch, Marionberry, Raspberry-Rhubarb, Pumpkin Chiffon (pies $13, pumpkin chiffon $14)

Cobblers: Forest Berry, Marionberry, Peach ($10)

2lb Fruit Bags: Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry ($9)

Mini-Pies: Apple, Cherry, Marionberry, Peach, Raspberry/Rhubarb, Variety Pack (6 pack $28)

All orders need to be prepaid and received no later than October 11th.  To place an order please send a check to M&K Smith 1085 Mildred Lane SE, Salem OR 97306 or use the paypal link on the right panel.  WVFC will deliver the frozen goods to our house on October 26th.  If you attend Salem Alliance Church, your order will be kept in the church freezer and ready for you to pick up that weekend.  If you attend oneTreasure, your order will be kept in M&K or C&S Smith’s freezer until church.  If you would like to help deliver other people’s pies please let us know!  Please encourage your friends and family to order pies from us!!!  If you have never eaten WVFC, you are in for a treat!

(A huge THANK YOU! to WVFC for making pies available to us!)

Yippeeeeee! Homestudy here we come!


First of all, THANK YOU to each and every person who helped wash cars or got their car washed!  I was really hoping we would raise around $300… we were blessed with $622!!!  A couple of the car wash highlights: a woman who was waiting while we washed her car told us she herself was adopted and then when we were slammed with a bunch of cars we found her on the side of the road waving our sign and yelling for cars to come in!  We had several people come and tell us they too are considering adopting – what a blessing to get to encourage them in their journey!  The car wash was hard work, but a lot of fun doing it with such a great group of people.  Thank you so much!!!

Another wild and crazy tidbit… We sold several of our Craigslist items over the weekend (praise God!) and had a couple of people support us financially (praise God, again!).  Matt collected our car wash proceeds, Craigslist income and donations to fill out a deposit slip for me to drop off at the bank on Monday.  Over the weekend, we also sat down and read the adoption contracts (gulp!) and signed all of our packet paperwork.  So, on Monday I went by the bank, post office and in-laws to figure out how much I needed to write our large check for… when my father-in-law showed me the calculator my response was “NO!”… it was the EXACT amount Matt had me deposit into the bank.  My prayer request at the beginning of this journey was that God would provide what we need, when we need it.  I am grateful that He reminds me that I can trust His sovereign plan and perfect timing. (I needed this reminder when it took me two hours to find the check book and over an hour at the post office to mail the packet!  Seemed near impossible to get the packet in the mail, but it is sent.  Please pray it arrives in Virginia before our social worker leaves for a week-long training.)

We are ecstatic to begin our home study!  The head quarters office should contact us within the week and we can begin the “paper chase” and schedule our first home visit.  I love that we are making progress 🙂

Thank you for praying with us during this journey… we appreciate your support!

Car Wash


Calling all dirty cars!

THIS Saturday 9/15 from 10-3

Lancaster and Sunnyview at Jeb Barram’s State Farm Insurance office 

Please come and let us shine up your ride to raise funds for our adoption.

If you would like to work on your tan, get a bit wet and come help us, please let me know – we are going to work hard and have fun together!

Exact location is: 2100 Lancaster Drive Northeast #1e  Salem, OR 97305