Puzzle Fundraiser!


Puzzle Fundraiser!!!
Okay, I am SOOOOOO excited about this fundraiser!! My friend, Amber, actually gave us the idea. How sweet is that?!?! As much as I love the idea of this fundraiser helping us towards our goal, I ESPECIALLY love the idea behind it and all that it represents:)

Here’s how it works:

For $10, a person/family purchases 1 piece of the jigsaw puzzle pictured. We will write the name of the person/family on the back of the piece(s) purchased……..like “big sister and brother” are displaying above;) When all the pieces have been purchased we will put the puzzle together and display it in our home as a reminder of the support and love shown to us and our child(ren) during the adoption process.

I absolutely LOVE the idea of all of us putting this puzzle together as a family after our kid(s) come home. Just imagine him/her seeing ALL of those names of the people who wanted to help them come home! For children who have never known the love of a family…….can you just imagine them realizing that 500 people cared enough about them to help???!!! I have a spot on my wall just waiting for this precious piece:)

You can purchase a puzzle piece(s) or donate to our adoption by:

1) Using the paypal “donate” link to the right. Click and follow instructions
2) Sending your donation directly via paypal to matthewandkristina@hotmail.com
3) Sending your tax-deductible cash or check donation via snail mail to oneTreasure Church: 1509 5th St NE, Salem, OR 97301 (please be sure to write “adoption fund” in memo line)

Thank you all SO much for being a part of our journey to bring home our kiddo(s)!

Please help us spread the word about this fundraiser by sharing it on Facebook, email, Twitter, or your blog! The puzzle has 500 pieces and the potential to raise $5000 towards our adoption expenses. 🙂


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