Craigslist Central


Our house looks like you’ve entered a garage sale when you come in!  Matt and I keep wandering the rooms and “collecting” more to put on Craigslist.  It is amazing how the items that you used to think were necessities all of a sudden become easy to part with when you are trying to raise funds for a child that the Lord has placed on your heart!  We have spent the last week treating Craigslist as a full-time job… it is a lot of work!  It has been really cool meeting the people who have come to buy our stuff… one sweet lady was adopted herself and would like to adopt, another woman is the storytime teller for Awana at the location we were thinking of taking the kiddos – and we had just visited that website the night before meeting her!  If I am honest, there are moments when I sell something and I get a bit discouraged… like when I made my first sell for $60 and realized that it was less than 1% of the first installment!!! But I know I just need to keep faithfully plugging away and praying.  Matt upped the ante this morning by selling one item for $800.  He took my hard-earned $300 worth of sells and almost tripled it in a matter of minutes!  The exciting news is that we officially went over the thousand mark today!  1/7 of the way… If you have a “Goodwill pile” in your garage or look around your rooms and find something that you would be willing to let us sell on Craigslist we would be grateful for the increased inventory!


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