America World Adoption Agency


Selecting an adoption agency was a critical step in the process.  We did a lot of research.  Sadly enough we learned that not all agencies are ethical.  We also learned that of the ethical agencies, some were easier to work with and better at communicating than others.  We asked adoption groups on Facebook and Yahoo.  We asked our friends who had adopted.  We went to a playgroup of adoptive families and asked a bunch of questions.  We prayed.  We created a list of questions and emailed about twenty different agencies.  These steps all really helped to narrow our list down and finally the list went down to our two top agencies. In the meantime, I read the books “The Strength of Mercy” and “Choosing to SEE”… I strongly recommend reading those books if you are considering adoption. Finally, we decided to go with AWAA because of the strong recommendations by others, the fact that they pray over the placement process, we had a great phone call with the Oregon AWAA social worker, they were the most detailed and upfront about the costs and the fact that they would allow us to adopt out of birth order if we felt the Lord leading that way.  I really appreciated this video they created to help people work through questions about adoption: “Adopted by Design”


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